eLearning and WBT is a one stop shop for the recording, production and delivery of labeled eLearning and WBT audio files ready for integration into courses. Since the early 1990’s, has produced thousands of audio files for hundreds of courses in both official languages for Governments, Crown Corporations and the private sector. We have employed many dozens of actors and narrators in straight narration and role playing scenarios. All work is delivered with all world rights in perpetuity.

Telephone Messaging
The business philosophy of took root in the ‘on hold’ telephone messaging industry. Prior to the internet, the telephone was the ‘electronic front door’ to a business. It remains an essential part of virtually all successful businesses and deserves as much consideration as ever. provides years of expertise in the recording and delivery of professional telephone directories and on hold messaging.

TV and radio Commercial VO has written, recorded and/or produced the voice element for thousands of commercials aired on television, cable and radio.

Corporate Video Narration has written, recorded, narrated and/or produced the narration for dozens of corporate and promotional videos for Governments, Crown Corporations and the private sector.

Documentaries has written, recorded, narrated and/or produced the narration for several documentaries.

Animation actors have performed roles in animations broadcast in series and features on television and more recently on the internet.

Awards Ceremonies, Announcements and in-House Promotions has produced hundreds of pre-recorded announcements for award ceremonies and in-house promotions.

Audio Production provides talent, voice direction, recording, post production editing, royalty free music and SFX and quality control as an integral part of the services we provide.

Project Management casts voices on your behalf from our roster of ‘in-house talents’ and freelance veterans.
We review the audio requirements, design logistics, assign roles, co-ordinate schedules, book and direct sessions and complete post-production in-house to ensure on time delivery of audio to client technical specifications with worldwide rights in perpetuity.

Flexibility nurtures a profound respect for the concept of flexibility. No two projects are entirely the same. Each project is deserving of individual care and consideration. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that the shape of each project is appropriately accommodated on every level to achieve the desired result.